Aldo still not happy with UFC pay structure

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice recently discussed Jose Aldo's regularly expressed belief that he is underpaid.

“I'm not entirely happy with the current pay policy,” said Aldo, through a translator. “We work very hard for what we do, not only me, but every single fighter out there at the UFC would like to be better compensated, for all the work and all the effort we put in every fight.”

Rutten agreed, noting that that lighter fighters in MMA tend to make less money.

“It's weird, because the lighter weights do get paid less, and I have no clue why because the fights are always unbelievable,” said Rutten. “These guys go full blast for five rounds. They leave it all out there. For some reason, the people don't appreciate it as much. PPV buys also – they're not as big as when you have bigger guys fighting.”

So what do you think UG? Have we met the enemy and he is us?

The story received a second life thanks to manager Mike Kogan. Aldo has said in the past that he feels underpaid, but other times has said he understands why the pay structure is what it is. Kogan, who manages two dozen fighters including  Nate Diaz, Roy Nelson, and King Mo read the UG Blog and bluntly voiced the opinion that Aldo needs to be more consistent around UFC compensation.

This n***a needs to make up his mind. Or more like stick to his guns and stop flip flopping.

Then BloodyElbow opined that Kogan should not have used the racial epithet. While Kogan uses blunt language, there has never, ever been a suggestion that he is racist. In fact, by every indication, he is not.

In fact, Kogan’s management firm, Real Talk Entertainment, is a veritable cultural United Nations. He manages an Arab Muhammad and an African American Muhammed. He manages a big old white guy with a mullet. Another white guy's last name is so vowel ending it rhymes with machete. He manages an Armenian born in Russia. One fighter under his management even appeared in 16 gay videos. In short, there is nothing racist, bigoted, or prejudiced about Mike Kogan.

Later MMAJunkie reached out to Kogan for a response; he expanded on the remarks.

“I was saying he needs to make up his mind,” said Kogan. “Either you bitch and stick to it or don’t say anything at all. He said he wasn’t happy about the pay before, then three days later took it back said, ‘Well, I didn’t mean it.’ Now he’s talking about it again.

“So my point was not to make fun of, but just say, either you are unhappy and you stick to your guns or you are happy then don’t talk about it. The only way pay will ever change is if the top guys the champions start to speak out, but they have to stick to their guns, not flip-flop.”

“Bloodyelbow are all dumbasses.”

Kogan also showed a screen shot where Aldo uses the same term on his official Twitter account.