Aldo training in Holland with K-1 star Andy Souwer

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

José Aldo and Johnny Eduardo, champions of UFC and Shooto Brazil respectively, are always looking for great training. Besides the traditional hard training they have in Rio de Janeiro, the guys went to Holland to sharpen their striking with Andy Souwer, two-time K-1 champion , who has 86 of his 137 wins by knockout.

“Andy Souwer didn’t become three-time champion of K-1 joking. He’s really good, he’s teaching the both of us many new things”, said Aldo to TATAME via internet this morning. “We’re training so we improve our Muay Thai skills”.

In April, Aldo will have his UFC debut against Mark Hominick, while Johnny puts his Shooto belt at on the line. “The guy is f—— good, he’s helping us a lot not only on the trainings. He’s an extraordinary human being and he’s been pretty patient with us. We’re improving a lot, but our training in Brazil is not any worse than any other practice we do” he concluded.

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