Aldo wants Pettis at lightweight

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

At one time Anthony Pettis was in line to fight Jose Aldo for his featherweight title. Fate changed that and Pettis won the lightweight title, but now Aldo would like that same chance that he gave Pettis:

“Many people talked about moving up (to 155 pounds), and I’ve asked for that,” Aldo said. “But Andre (Pederneiras, his coach) and Dana (White) said it wasn’t the right moment. Moving up to lightweight is closer and closer. When they think it’s time to move up, I’ll do it no problem.”

“I never chose opponents, but I can say one name now, and it’s Pettis, for all the talk that has happened,” he said. “He would be the right person for me to fight today. It would be even better to fight him at lightweight so I wouldn’t need to cut weight (laughs).”

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