Aleks Emelianenko wants to settle finger bet with ‘animal’ Kharitinov

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Aleksander Emelianenko recently had very harsh words for his brother Fedor’s trainers, blaming them for the loss to Henderson, and calling them incompetent amoebas. Then noted Russian fighter Sergei Kharitonov responded by calling Aleks a hopeless. homeless drunk with Hep C. Aleks stormed back, offering to bet a finger with Kharitonov on Hep C test.


Aleks quickly responded, via
-I’ve given reasonable explanations to all the questions of Kharitonov. I don’t understand why did he decide to start discussing other fighters? He should keep a low profile and hold his tongue. Look at his interview, he contradicts to himself. At one moment he wants to train with Fedia (diminutive from Fedor), at another Fedia sends him to Hell… The thing is that Kharitonov “flushed himself down” once – when we had another promotion company. We led him our way, took him to the level of Pride, gave him knowledge, and taught him how to work. But then he has shitted his pants. Today here and there Kharitonov says that Fedia doesn’t wanna deal with him because of me being around. But I have nothing to do with this; Fedor is grown-up man who chooses his sphere as well as his sparring partners by himself.
– I will keep my eye on Sergei one month more to look how he’s going to behave himself. If he doesn’t get quiet I will have to cross my ways with him somewhere and settle the issue of our bet once and for all. Why wag one’s tongue in vain? Although, I don’t expect him to accept a meeting. Khariton is used to do everything on the sly, and when the things get real he immediately “goes down to the scum”, talks about lack of time, lack of wish and invents other excuses.
– I’m ready to fight with him but first let’s get over the present conflict and then we’ll talk about other fights. I’ve never escaped a fight with him. Even at the times of Pride I agreed on the arrangement of our duel though didn’t wanna fight with him at the time. There were some reasons for it. One of those is that Kharitonov wanted to wage Fedia who had been the champion at the moment. Sergei’s intentions to arrange this fight could be confirmed by the Asian mass-media. Khariton beat himself in the chest, called himself the new champion of Pride, talked about Fedor improperly. By the way, this is the reason why Fedor stopped dealing with him. And I had nothing for it but to accept the challenge.
– After the loss Serezha (diminutive from Sergei) has invented the pretty story – that he allegedly had come to fight with trauma and that afterwards I satisfied neither of his attempts to arrange a rematch… Today Kharitonov doesn’t interest me – neither as a personality, nor as a sportsman nor as a person. He is no more than animal.

Read entire article... (original Russian language)
Read entire article… (original Russian language)