Alvarez: Askren should have kept his mouth shut

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ben Askren went through a very public contract dispute with former employer Bellator before landing in One FC. If there is one guy that knows about contract disputes with Bellator, it’s Eddie Alvarez, but the former Bellator champion believes Askren should have just kept his mouth shut:

“Ben was very opinionated about how my situation was dealt with although he had no clue about my situation. I’ll have a little more respect and say that I don’t know what happened with (his) situation, so I’m not going to comment, rather than be ignorant like he was and go about saying some stupid shit that he said. He annoyed me.

He had a very uneducated opinion on how much money I should make. He knew how much I should ask for [because] people are making $8 an hour somewhere, so I should take the money and run. Yeah … maybe he should have shut up.”

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