Alvarez: ‘This is a big d!@k-swinging contest’

Monday, May 06, 2013

Eddie Alvarez hasn’t competed in the cage since October 2012, an almost 7-month break which a fighter who likes to stay active is a long time. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like his situation is going to resolve anytime soon as the Ultimate Fighter Championship and Bellator (read Viacom) battle in court of where the fighter will and. Alvarez was a guest on today’s MMA Hour and vented to host Ariel Helwani

“Pardon my French, this is a big dick-swinging contest between two big companies,” Alvarez said. “I have nothing to do with it.”

Still, the bulk of Alvarez’s venom is directed toward Bellator’s parent company. The way he sees it, the fix was in from the beginning.

“I’m trying to do everything the right way, and it seems like for Spike and Viacom, they are getting in the way,” Alvarez said. “I believe they had every intention of doing this anyway. It becomes clear to me that they had every intention of blocking me from going to UFC from the very beginning.”

In Alvarez’s mind, settlement talks with Bellator broke down because he felt Bellator wouldn’t match the UFC’s offer, which included a title shot and guaranteed pay-per-view slots.

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