Alvarez discusses looming free agency

Thursday, October 11, 2012

“I thought the pressure would be a lot greater than what it is, to be honest,” Alvarez told “I’ve had zero distractions. The only thing I have to do all day is train and that creates a very dangerous person.

“I have nothing but complete confidence. [The contract situation] doesn’t make me fearful, it doesn’t make me nervous. The training I’ve done in the past month kind of, you know, gives me a secret smile. I’m not worrying about this or that, I’m thinking, ‘Wait until you guys see what’s about to happen on Friday.’”

“Popularity has nothing to do with talent or skill,” Alvarez said. “Regardless of where I go — if I’m fighting in some obscure country where no one sees me — my skill will always follow me. Just for me to know that I can beat any lightweight in the world is good enough.

“For me, it’s about going and fighting where I can make the best living that I can for me and my family. Wherever that is, that’s where I’ll go.”

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