Alves fires ‘takedown, takedown’ corner man

Friday, April 06, 2012

Following a last-minute loss to Martin Kampmann this past month at UFC on FX 2, onetime welterweight challenger Thiago Alves has let go of a cornerman whom he said gave him bad directions during the fight.

Alves takes some responsibility for a takedown attempt that led to him getting caught in a guillotine choke moments after stinging Kampmman with a big right hand.

But he said it’s not the first time he’s had troubles with the member of his team, who also acts as a jiu-jitsu coach.

“I didn’t know how bad [Kampmann] was hurt,” Alves told Radio. When you’re fighting, you’re in the zone. You just react to stuff, and my cornerman was like, ‘Takedown, takedown, takedown.’ I went for it and just made a mistake.”

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