Amateur MMA said to be legal in NY State Attorney General motion

Monday, January 30, 2012

Long time MMA journalist and author of the recently published Raw Combat: The Underground World of Mixed Martial Arts, Jim Genia combed through the NY State Attorney General’s motion to dismiss Zuffa’s lawsuit seeking the regulation of MMA, and made a remarkable discovery.

amateur MMA LEGAL in NY

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I just read the NY State Attorney General’s motion to dismiss Zuffa’s lawsuit, and in it the f—– admits that the law banning pro MMA in New York does not apply to amateur bouts. I’ve been saying that for years (and writing about it), and that loophole in the law has enabled events like the Underground Combat League and many others avoid trouble with the authorities. Fuck yes.

Here’s a link to the document – – but the key lines pertaining to the statute that bans pro MMA read:

“The statute’s provision on its face explicitly speaks to ‘professional’ combative sports and does not address amateur sports. Moreover, while the legislature, in another statute, regulates amateur boxing and wrestling, the legislature has not enacted a provision expressly addressing any amateur martial arts activity. Accordingly, the statute does not treat amateur MMA bouts any differently from amateur bouts involving traditional martial arts.”

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