Anderson Silva: I don’t like to fight Brazilians

Friday, May 17, 2013

Anderson Silva recently sat down with Karyn Bryant for FUEL TV, who asked him how he feels when he sees the iconic image of his win over Vitor Belfort.

“I don’t like to fight Braziiian guys because it is different for me. I fought with Vitor, but I didn’t like it, because I trained with Vitor for a long time.

“One day vitor said ‘I am going to fight UFC, I am fighting 185.’

The guys said “What???'”

So what do you think UG? The desire to avoid fighting teammates if at all possible is near universal. Is not wanting to fight a countryman, taking it too far or can Anderson Silva feel whatever he damn wants? How would you feel about an American fighter saying he would rather not fight fellow Americans?