Anderson Silva: My legacy is complete

Friday, August 30, 2013

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently had a long interview with SiriusXM Sports Radio, ahead of his rematch with Chris Weidman at the massive year end show on Dec. 28.

Topics covered included:
•Losing (it is normal)
•Charges that he disrespect opponents (not true)
•His legacy (already completed)
•Superfights (he is game, wants RJJ above all)
•TRT (bad)

“It’s not the first time I lost a fight,” said Silva. “It’s normal for me. I stayed with the belt for five years but I have a new chance to pick it up [and take it back to] to Brazil. Weidman is the new champion and people need to respect him. Inside the Octagon you have fast moments. Chris Weidman picked it up this time and won, it’s normal. Sometimes you win, sometimes you… It’s very important to focus.”

“I respect my opponent. I fight for a long time. I don’t disrespect my opponents. This is my strategy, my fighting style. People say ‘Anderson didn’t respect Weidman,’ but it’s not real.”

“In the UFC my legacy is complete because I broke all the records, but now I [have] the chance to change my life again, pick up the belt back. I’m very excited to finish my new contract in the UFC. It’s part of my contract, win or….”

“I have ten fights. Super fights are possible – Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre. But my focus now is on Chris Weidman. My dream is to fight Roy Jones Jr. in boxing.”

“I don’t use [TRT]. My opinion is the use of testosterone is bad. I’m 38 and I don’t use anything. But it’s a good question for the commission.”

“I’m very excited for the rematch. The new Anderson is coming in December.”

Thanks to MMAFighting for the transcription

So what do you think UG? With Anderson on legacy, losing, disrespect, superfights, and TRT, there is plenty to discuss. And what is likely to be new about Anderson Silva in December?