Anderson Silva: My teammates can fight Jon Jones, not me

Monday, May 21, 2012

Anderson Silva has many plans for his career in the UFC, and changing weight classes isn’t one of them. The middleweight title holder affirmed he has team partners on the light heavyweight division and, because of that, he wouldn’t go to the heavier class.

“We have a couple of athletes on the above division, which are Rafael Feijao, who’s a big name in the division and Fabio Maldonado, who just fought and lost by points. We have many guys in this division. On my weight class, besides me in the UFC, there’s Jacare in the Strikeforce. Our team focus on each of us and try to let us take our chances and take advantage of them, so we don’t have this ambition of me going to the light heavyweight division and fight each other.”

“I’m gonna leave it to Maldonado, Feijao or even Rogerio (Nogueira) too. They are on his weight division, so they’ll deal with (Jon Jones).”

“We always train a lot and we’re always focused on getting this job done. Everyone is involved with this and we’re working hard to get there as do what we always do. He (Sonnen) has been saying bulls—. He disrespected a nation, not only me, but he disrespected UFC fans, moms who watch the UFC, dad and kids who are fans of the sport.”

“Winning is enough for us. It’s like a slap on the face. Winning is enough to show that Brazil deserves to be respected because we have a history on the sport, that started a long time ago with the Gracie family and great athletes kept it going, like Pedro Rizzo, Rodrigo Nogueira, Marco Ruas, Andre Pederneiras and others. That must be respected.”

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