Anderson Silva: No rematch for Belfort

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva conducted an extended interview with the Brazilian Portuguese language site Combate, excerpted below, via Google translate. You had time to digest the defeat. Today, more than a month after the fight, you think you overdid the provocations?

Anderson Silva: No. I do not think I overdid anything. The only mistake in this fight was my coach. I had to have taken a step backwards. But it is anyway. Life goes on. How did you get the negative reactions of Brazilian fans? Were you surprised? You felt that people who had just hoped for a stumble your criticize you?

AS: Man, it’s hard to talk. It’s that thing. This is a cultural harm of Brazilians. They really believe in idols, but the frustrations deposit them. When they do not go well, want to topple the idols. But the work continues. Let’s try to bring the belt back to Brazil. What changes for this rematch? It will keep the whole team? If not, who goes?
There will be some changes. What happened was a necessary evil to see where those changes should be. We have to be always changing.

AS: People confuse things. Think you always have to be well prepared. Sometimes you wake up ill, with some family problem, health, and people think you always have to stop eating to take a picture. The success changed the Anderson Silva at something? Harassment bother you? Do you feel tired of fame?

AS: I think that fame, success, all this comes at some point in life. It’s good, important, but it gets in the way too. You lose your private life, your privacy. People confuse things – sometimes you wake up ill, with some family problem, health, and people think you always have to stop eating to take a picture. They do not understand. But I know that this is so, I know this is part of the package. You received a lot of criticism because of his fighting style against Weidman. It’s something you’ll want to change or do exactly the same in the rematch to try to prove you’re right?

AS: Nobody is right, and no one is wrong. I will not change my fighting style. At 38, you think you will make ten fights that are in the contract?

AS: I intend to. We did a whole evaluation and a full schedule so I can make these ten fights. I hope I can, and preferably with victories. The superfights against Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre were discarded by Dana White after the defeat to Weidman. Is your goal now is to regain the middleweight category and move on to accumulate more title defenses?

AS: My goal now is to focus on the job to begin training camp. Then I will think about revenge, to fight Weidman well and give a show for all the fans of the UFC. Cesar Gracie said that from now on we should see a more humane Anderson Silva, missing more and maybe even losing more. What do you think?

AS: I think of all the people who spoke, he was the wiser. I am a human being, I am susceptible to errors, winning or losing. It’s normal. As I said, people form expectations over the idol and when this idol can not play well, people put the frustrations it. Already Cesario Bezerra, who trains his boxing in XGym, gave an interview to saying they were “three months of work thrown away”, is is difficult to work in a team with so many people. How did you get this criticism of him? He goes with you on the team?

AS: I went to train in XGym when I arrived in Rio de Janeiro, because there is the gym of my master Rogério Camões, who takes care of my physical preparation. Master Cesario was there, and I began training with him. I have a great affection for him. He has a lot of experience, knows what he is talking. Think it is normal to express it. A long time the master Cesario is not my official boxing coach. The Team Nogueira coach is the (Luiz) Dorea, and mine is Edelson (Silva), who is a student of Dórea. Master Cesario is always giving opinion to have a lot of experience, and I think he is accredited for this, because I know very well. People always ask to Ronaldo Jacare about a fight between you, and he always says he does not intend to face you. Now he is very well Users ranked in the category, and the duel becomes increasingly possible. Do you consider this impossible fight to happen?

AS: I’m a guy who, if I’m your friend, I’m your friend, and money or status won’t matter. For me, honor is more worthy than life for me. ‘Jacare’ or another one, I wouldn’t like to fight a friend of mine. But that’s the thing. I’m in a position and I never had to take anything from anyone to get where I am today. And the rematch against Vitor Belfort? He thinks that at some point it will happen eventually. And you? He also thinks it will happen one day?

AS: I think not. What was supposed to be done was done. Of course, we are employees of the UFC, but I don’t like to fight against Brazilians. I don’t see that possibility.

Combate: Is Anderson Silva still the best in the world? Or never was? As Anderson Silva, describe yourself today?

AS: I’m a normal guy. I’m not and never wanted to be the best in the world. People said that about me. I thank them for believing that I’m the best, but I never thought I was the best pound-for-pound. I always fought because I like it, and I was always able to do it with excellence. I was never worried about the belt. And I managed to defend it for seven years. I didn’t feel relieved or something like that. It’s hard. You have some pressure on you because of that, you have to keep proving yourself all the time.

Combate: You were in the movie “Até que a sorte nos separe 2”. What is your role? And what are your plans for your career in this direction?

AS: I played the role of an undercover cop… I intend to continue working and studying acting in order to gain space in the field also.

Combate: And what have you done in your free time?

AS: I try to be the best I can with my family. I have my paintball, which is holy, and the game. Otherwise, it is a lot of training. Training is one thing that can not be undone.

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