Anderson Silva: This is my prize

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Randy Couture has an evolved view on losing, one that allowed him to win in record breaking fashion.

“The biggest thing I feel in myself and other athletes I’ve been around is dealing with the psychological adversity of competition,” said Couture to Fight! magazine in 2010. “We all deal with an innate fear of failure. Learning to cope with that and find that perspective that allows you to go out there in front of thousands and do what you trained to do is the key to winning. If there’s a flaw in your training, that will be pointed out to you, but being in a frame of mind to utilize your athletic gifts and execute your training plan is critical. For me, this is simple. My perspective is that if the worst thing that happens to me in my life is that I lose a fight, then I’m doing pretty damned good in the grand scheme of the universe. I love what I do, and the people that truly love me for me don’t care whether I win or lose as long as I’m content! This mental backdrop frees me up to smile and go out and do what I love to do—win!”

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva expressed a parallel view on his return from UFC 162, via Twitter.

Anderson Silva @SpiderAnderson
That is my Prize ……

Gian Villante, close friend and former Hofstra teammate to Chris Weidman also tweeted from the airport.

Gian Villante  @GPVillante
Couldn’t fit in the bag!!! @ChrisWeidmanUFC