Andre Galvao departs Strikeforce for TUF house try

Thursday, November 11, 2010

“I was interview and they’ve approved me, but maybe they like other guys better on the interview,” Wand Fight Team’s Andre Galvao says. “Now I don’t know if I made it or not. I’ll just have to wait for them to call me. The interview is exactly about that, they want to know your English level.

“I speak English, I can get things, I can read, I understand what people say and I communicate well. They’ve approved me on the test and let’s see if they’ll let me get in there with my English level, but I can speak good English. There are guys there that can’t (laughs). I think I’m a purple belt on English, fourth stripe on the purple belt.”

“My managers Ed Soares and Joinha took care of [my release from Strikeforce]. I don’t know exactly if they wanted to keep me or not. But we’ve come to the conclusion it’d be best for me to try [to get on The Ultimate Fighter], since I’ve lost, it was my last fight on the contract.

“It wasn’t about the show, I had a five-fights contract with them. I’ve done two fights on Dream and three on Strikeforce, and they work together. It was my fifth fight, and I had to do these five fights until March of 2011, and when it ended, they called Ed and Joinha and asked them if they’d sign another contract because it was opened, I could go somewhere else. My managers decided to take me off Strikeforce and try to get to TUF’s house.”

“You have to prepare yourself for each opponent you have, and I’ve always done that. What happened was this: they’ve always called me at the last minute, about four weeks before the fights. The only fight I did train for, being aware about it with two months in advance, was my first fight, the others, against Macaco and this last one, they’ve warned me at the last minute, and I accepted it because when I left Dream to fight on Strikeforce there were eight months without fighting. They left me eight months doing nothing, and that disturbed my training because I thought I’d fight in September and I didn’t, and I’m a MMA fighter – I live from it.

“They came and said to me I’d only fight in December, so that changed my preparation a bit. The last fight I accepted because I didn’t know when I would fight again, so I preferred to fight. I’ve learned we have to know about the fights in advance, about eight weeks before it so that you can prepare yourself properly and also that you need some time off between the fights, it’s pretty important.”

“I think (TUF) is pretty cool. It’s not just about being there, which is a good thing for itself, but UFC takes care of you. I think the first thing is that they take care of you, take good care, warn you in advance when you’ll fight.”

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