Andreas Kraniotakes on the meaning of life

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In this short film from Stuart Cooper Films, German heavyweight Andreas “Big Daddy” Kraniotakes talks about the meaning of life. Currently training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA in Phuket Thailand, Kraniotakes left behind a comfortable middle class life for the rigors of being a fighter.

Kraniotakes sold his car and moved into the gym, just to be able to train full time.

“You're an educated guy, why are you doing this to yourself,” asked people around him. “My life is not about money,” he explains. “I don't define myself by what's in my bank account. I don't need that stuff. I can't take it with me.”

“I went from big cars to small cars. But from being restless and don't know where to go, to being one of the happiest person on this planet. What else do you have to ask for?”