Andy Foster named new head of the CSAC

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Tuesday, the California Department of Consumer Affairs announced that Andy Foster was named California State Athletic Commission Executive Director. Foster will begin his new job Nov. 7.

While the state of regulation in California is a shambles, under Foster’s direction as Executive Director of the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, revenue increased by 70 percent in The Peach State, and the number of regulated fighting events went up by 40 percent.

“We are hoping he can do in California what he did in Georgia in terms of increasing both revenue and the number of shows,” stated CSAC chairman John Frierson.

Foster is an MMA regulation superhero, and is exactly what California needs.

He has trained in a wide variety of combat disciplines, but that is only the very beginning of his efforts. He has competed extensively in boxing, in MMA, in grappling, and in kickboxing. And he has coached many successful competitors. Thus he understands with the greatest intimacy the needs of the fighter.

Foster has as well promoted both boxing and MMA events, and thus knows the needs of the promoter.

From the regulation side, Mr. Foster has one of the most broadest backgrounds in the field. He has worked as a referee and judge extensively, and passes on his world-class expertise in official’s training courses. And of course there is his exemplary work as Executive Director of the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

He has served with tremendous effect on several Association of Boxing Commission committees, bringing greatly needed improvements to the sport nationally. As the ABC sets the standard for the sport, the effect of his efforts is worldwide.

And Andy Foster loves mixed martial arts, so he knows what fans need.

Andy Foster combines this unparalleled insight into the needs of the sport with a disarming collegial style that hears all sides of any subject, and brings the team to the correct, successful conclusion.

“I’m very excited to be coming to California,” said Foster. “It has a rich boxing and MMA presence with the largest number of shows in the nation, and I look forward to ensuring a regulatory environment that is consistent and fair based upon contestant safety, public protection, and economic growth.”

Count on it.