Andy Ogle submits Mike Rio, complete TUF Live, Episode 9 recap

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Round 1 – Referee Herb Dean oversees the final quarterfinal bout of the season. Coach T.J. Dillahsaw sports Ogle’s native flag. Rio takes the center right away as Ogle looks to move around and avoid a takedown. Ogle lands a crisp jab early. Ogle lands two punches shortly after. He’s refusing to stay stationary early. Rio is punching back, but he has yet to dive in for a takedown. The intensity picks up as Rio starts to press, but Ogle is circling and punching. Crisp left scores. Halfway in, and Rio finally ducks in and secures a big takedown, driving Ogle into the floor. Ogle scrambles up and receives a warning for grabbing the cage. Rio overhooks the arm and stays tight, driving Ogle into the cage. Nothing there, and they finally break away. Ogle continues to pop his jab, keeping Rio at bay. Right hand comes behind it. Less than a minute, and Rio’s corner wants him to press. Rio with a front kick, but Ogle is landing to the head. Rio scores a takedown right at the bell, but it’s not enough to take the round on the card, who gives it to Ogle, 10-9.

Round 2 – Rio busier with his hands to start. A few right hands land, and Rio clinches up. Ogle pulls away and resets. Ogle’s nose bleeding, and he turns to a few low kicks and a Superman punch. Rio shoots in, and Ogle tries to grab the neck. Not there, and Rio drives forward with the takedown. Rio in half-mount, and he postures and fires in a few big left hands. Ogle turns, and Rio takes the back. Left hook is in solid. Ogle in a bad spot, but he survives and turns in, winding up in top position. Rio settles on his back and looks for a choke, but Ogle moves to the side. Rio turns, and now it’s Ogle on the back. Complete turn of momentum. Ogle’s hooks are in tight, and he’s punching to the head. Rio looks exhausted, and Ogle sinks in the choke. Rio doesn’t fight it. The tap comes, and Ogle exits the cage to celebrate with his team.

Andy Ogle def. Mike Rio via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 4:19

After the fight, Dana White joins the show via satellite and announces the first two quarterfinal fights: James Vick vs. Joe Proctor and Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa, which will each go down next week.

Team Faber wins the opening-round series, 5-3.

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