Antonio McKee: Pavelich could give a s— if I die

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

When Antonio McKee missed weight by seven pounds this weekend for a defense of his MFC Lightweight title, President Mark Pavelich decided on the spot to fire him, after the fight. McKee won a decision in the now non-title catchweight bout, and was fired and stripped of his title.

“I was thoroughly disgusted by the lack of professionalism that Antonio McKee showed towards the belt he was scheduled to defend as well as the Maximum Fighting Championship as an organization,” said Pavelich later.

“It was unacceptable behavior for a champion to demonstrate,” Pavelich continued. “On top of that, Antonio never really apologized for missing weight that badly. That was the end of things for him with the MFC. That’s why he was stripped of his belt immediately and told that he would never fight in the MFC again. I hope it’s a message to all the other fighters in the MFC.”

McKee tells a radically different story.

“(Pavelich) knew I wasn’t going to make weight before the fight because I told him I wasn’t going to make weight. I was sick. I had f—— kidney issues. My stomach was messed up. They already knew that,” McKee told on Wednesday.

“I called Brian Cobb and told him that I wasn’t going to make weight and that he wouldn’t be fighting for the title … He stepped on the scale first, and he was a half-pound over. (before the weigh in) I stepped on the scale and weighed 159.8 pounds. I started rehydrating, because my organs were starting to give me issues, and I weighed in at 162.”

“If you look at my history, I’ve always made weight. My body composition was a little off this time, and I miscalculated by five pounds. I apologized to HDNet. They have it on tape. I apologized to Mark Pavelich. And then I said I didn’t care for the way Mark Pavelich handled this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if HDNet cut him within the next year.”

“(Pavelich) was lying. He put out all this stuff about how I didn’t make weight and he was hitting me over the head for 20 percent of my purse, but what he never said was that Brian Cobb didn’t make weight. When I got my attorney involved, they retracted all of that stuff and said that Cobb didn’t make weight.

“The problem is that Mark Pavelich doesn’t have anyone who can beat me, and it costs him a lot of money to bring in guys to fight me. That’s the real reason why I’m not in the MFC, because he can’t afford me anymore.”

“I still came as a warrior and champion and gave them one of the best fights I’ve ever had in the MFC. At the end of the day, it’s about my health and well-being. Mark Pavelich could give a s— if I die, or my kidneys shut down, or I need a new liver. He could give less than a rat’s ass.”

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