Aoki apparently not fighting Sakuraba in July

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The rumored DREAM card with Shinya Aoki fighting vs. Kazushi Sakuraba is apparently not happening, according to Shinya Aoki’s twitter.

???? | Shinya Aoki ‏@a_ok_i
???????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????

Google translation:
No dream held in July. I want to hear the story of many people, I want to go firmly to their own example considered, whether it is best to select any family. Please get counseling

UG translation (thank you rsbones):
No dream event (for me) in July. I’m going to think seriously about what is best for my family and listen to a lot of people(‘s advice), in order to decide what choice to make (about my career). Discuss it with me please.”

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