Arlovski: My chin is not weak

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Andrei Arlovski appeared recently on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show ahead of his fight Saturday night with Mike Kyle at World Series of Fighting 5.

“(Mike Kyle) gave some interview and he told that he was going to knock me f—ing out because I have a weak jaw, I have a glass chin,” said Arlovski. “I don’t [think] it’s impossible to prove to him that he’s wrong.”

“Somebody asked me yesterday or two days ago [if Kyle’s remarks] pisses you off. Yeah, definitely, it pisses me off, but now I’ve kind of came down. But before, like probably two or three years ago, I was so mad because … in heavyweight division, it doesn’t really matter how strong your chin, because of one punch, one right hard fast punch in the jaw and the fight’s over. But anyway, listen, first of all, I have proved that my chin is okay when I fought first Antonio Silva and he landed a few good right hands straight in my face and I survived. And I survived in my fight against Anthony Johnson. So I guess he’s wrong. If Kyle has only one hope that I have a weak chin, he’s absolutely wrong.”

The talk about Arlovski’s chin started when he was knocked out by Fedor Emelianenko in the first round, back in 2010. Next fight was another first round KO, to Brett Rogers, in 22 seconds. Then there was a decision loss to Bigfoot. and then Arlovski got knocked out by Sergei Kharitonov in the first round.

However, Arlovksi susequently won four straight (and one NC) before losing a decision to Anthony Johnson; Arlovksi didn’t quit, despite suffering a broken jaw.

“When I saw Greg Jackson’s face after the first round, yeah. I knew something was wrong,” said Arlovski of the Johnson fight. “Obviously I tried to close my mouth and it didn’t happen. I knew something was wrong with my jaw. I didn’t know that I broke my jaw in two places, but yeah.”

“Absolutely not,” replied Arlovski on whether he thought of quitting. “I thought everything was going well except I can’t close my mouth. … I thought maybe right now I’m going to have a good punch and I’m going to knock him out. It didn’t happen, but to be honest with you, second, third round, every punch Anthony would throw at my head or in my chest, I felt like electricity — [like] somebody put electricity in my body. It was so f—ing painful.”

“I flew back to Chicago and I had surgery the next day, so I was with a broken jaw another 24 hours. It was kind of funny like some scary movie. People tried to stop me at the airport and asked about some pictures, autographs and when they saw my face, [they said], ‘OK, never mind. Have a good day.’”

“Everybody asked me, ‘What happened?’ [I say] I was just hit by the car. They say, ‘Wow.’ They probably don’t understand my humor because I have kind of a different sense of humor. … At that time I tried to be positive and I tried to be funny too.”

Listen to entire interview… (2:12:23 mark)
Trasncription courtesy of Sherdog.