Arlovski: Overeem injures everyone he trains with

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last week Jon Jones pulled out of UFC 178 after suffering a leg injury while training wrestling with Alistair Overeem. Training partner of Overeem, Andrei Arlovski believes that it's not a coincidence that Jones was injured training with the Dutch heavyweight:

– Cancellation of Jones vs DC fight has upset the fans. It turned out that your new teammate Alistair Overeem had something to do with it. Some fighters from his previous Blackzilians team say that he can go overboard in sparring sesions. Did you experience it first-hand?

“Well, I'm not big on telling tales out of school, but there is some truth to these words. Couple of days ago I sparred with Overeem and learned such outcome by my own experience. Usually sparring partners don't try to inflict a real damage to each other. But Overeem at one moment kneed me really hard in the stomach. In a real fight I could have been KO'ed after that”.

“I rushed to a hospital to make sure that my ribs are not broken. Thank God, everything was all right, though initially me and my coach, we were afraid that Bigfoot bout would have to be cancelled. It was really unexpected and so dirty that I wanted to have my revenge on him at first, at least elbow him. But my boxing coach Andrey Ivchuk who was next to me at the moment calmed me down: “Don't you go as low as a guy who is fond of such dirty tricks”. As you see, it is very important to have a wise coach. Now I know that Overeem injured Jones simply because he injures everyone he trains with”.

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