Arona: I hope I can talk to Dana White

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One of the greatest stars of Pride, Ricardo Arona was not picked up by the UFC when it acquired the Japanese organization. Three years after the end of Pride, Arona wants to speak with Dana White, Focused on the recovery of an injured knee, the Brazilian hopes to go to Las Vegas this week, where he will meet the team of Rogério Minotouro, who will fight Saturday on UFC 114.

“I’m going for other reasons, to give a support to Minotouro, merchandising… Being there, I hope I can talk to Dana White, but we don’t have nothing settled or scheduled”, revealed Ricardo to TATAME, joining the former team mate against Jason Brilz. “I’m going to meet the guys… I don’t know if I’ll get there right on time, but I’ll do what I can to help him”, tells the fighter, who recently came back to the trainings. “I just came back to train now, on a calm way because of my knee, but this recovery part is almost done. I’m training so I can be at my best and can come back to business”.

Despite being out of UFC, Arona keeps tuned on the big fights of the event, especially when it comes to a title dispute on his division. After a very tight first fight, Maurício Shogun won the rematch, knocking Lyoto Machida out on the first round. Arona guarantees he was not surprised. “Because they are both champions, you can hope for a tough fight, but exactly because both are champions the fight has a decisive factor, it can end after the whole 25 minutes or on a lucky or ability moment, and that’s what happened”, analyzes.

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