Askren: Idea that GSP is best wrestler is insane

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Many fans and media have called Georges St-Pierre the best wrestler in MMA despite the fact that St-Pierre never wrestled competively. The notion however, is INSANE, if you ask Bellator champion and Olympic wrestler Ben Askren:

The notion that he’s the best wrestler is insane to me. He’s got a great double leg and good timing, but just watching him, you see a lot of areas he’s just not a natural wrestler. He doesn’t flow as well as other wrestlers. If Johny Hendricks is training his wrestling, which that’s a mistake that a lot of wrestlers make is they get out of it and they think they got to get better at striking and jiu jitsu and they totally forget about their wrestling. I did that for a couple of months earlier in my career and I learned. But they totally step away from wrestling and they get so rusty and they lose a lot of those battles. If Johny Hendricks is staying on point and getting some wrestling in, which hopefully he’s smart enough to do, he’ll definitely outwrestle Georges St. Pierre.

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