Askren: I’ll fight GSP or MacDonald for free

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ben Askren has an unblemished professional record and was the Bellator welterweight champion before being released from his contract. He is also a former Olympian, however as of right now, UFC President Dana White does not want to offer him a contract. Asken himself wants to fight in the best in the world, even if it means not making money to do so:

“I have already told Dana, obviously via twitter, not face-to-face, I don’t have his cell phone number; I told him I would fight ‘GSP’ for free if I lost. If I lost, you don’t have to pay me anything, that’s how confident in my abilities I am. Now, I’ll make a new offer to Dana. Obviously, ‘GSP’ and Hendricks are going to have a rematch, barring ‘GSP’s’ retirement, which I don’t think is going to stand. That was in the heat of the moment.

Rory MacDonald is another guy that, he really just bugs me and he irks me. It was really nice to see him get knocked off his pedestal on Saturday night, but, if Dana White were willing, if I lost to him (Rory), I would fight for free and retire from the sport of MMA because that’s how confident I am that I will beat Rory MacDonald. I am not completely financially motivated, I obviously want to make a living, but at the same time, I want to beat the best guys in the world.”

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