Askren: More talent in my pinky than 1/2 the UFC

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ben Askren has had a very public back and forth with UFC President Dana White about his ability and how he would compete in the UFC. White of course contends that Askren is not good enough to compete with the best in the UFC and Askren feels he can be champion. Askren recently elaborated on his thoughts of the division on the most recent edition of the MMA Hour:

“Him saying I'm not good enough for the UFC? I've got more skills in my pinky finger than half the damn guys in the UFC,” Askren said. “Have you seen some of these guys fighting lately? It's ridiculous. Having the letters UFC behind my name is not the be-all, end-all it is for someone. Some people think once they get into the UFC, that's it. I think with having more large organizations in the word, it's going to be great for the fighters, because the right now the fighters are being underpaid greatly, in my opinion, and I was one who was able to step outside that box and go find a great paycheck somewhere else.”

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