Atencio ‘Dude, I don’t remember s***’

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ATENCIO TALKS FIGHT, WHITE, GOMI, AND LINDLAND on Sunday caught up with Affliction promoter and sometime fighter Tom Atencio as he recovered from his fight with Randy Hedderick at “Ultimate Chaos” on Saturday in Biloxi, Miss. Atencio on Monday heads to Germany for Bread and Butter, a fashion trade show, before heading back to California to begin work on the company’s August event, Affliction “Trilogy.”

MMAWeekly: Congratulations on your fight. You got caught with a pretty big shot and went down in the first. Was it one of those shots where you wake up on the canvas?

Atencio: Dude, I don’t remember (expletive). All I remember was being on my back and him above me and me kicking away, and just scrambling to get my wits, just get back in the game.

MMAWeekly: Were you back mentally in the second?

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