Aus company plans MMA with weapons

Friday, February 21, 2014

In 1993, a group called for top exponents from the world's systems of unarmed combat to fight in a cage, and the UFC was born. Now an outfit in Australia wants to do it again, with an addition.

Unified Weapons Master (UWM) plans to run competitions later this year between world-class martial artists, with weapons, if they want to. Combatants would be clad in high-tech armor designed both to protect and also to measure the force behind each strike.

A team of researchers at Sydney firm Chiron Global, including a former armor developer on the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit films have spent the past four years developing the system, which is designed to be flexible enough to fight in, while retaining both protective and real-time reporting functions.

“UWM’s vision is to create a large-scale sport and entertainment experience where martial artists can compete against each other with real weapons, with an objective measure of who would have won in a real combat situation” said UWM CEO David Pysden.


There is a now too long and very stupid tradition of people trying to improve on MMA. Examples abound below. 

But UWM appears to be a sober and scientific attempt at figuring out an interesting question. Who would win a fight with weapons?

And the gratuitous videos of stupid.

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“In our opinion, it's actually safer than a one-on-one fight,” declared Promoter Chance Farrar. “There's no elevated risk to the fighters. There's no blow that they could sustain in a two-on-two that they couldn't sustain in a one-on-one.”

This makes more sense when you watch it sideways.