BJ Penn: I was never the same fighter after having kids

Friday, May 31, 2013

BJ Penn is one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, but is in Winter going 1-4-1, and may have finally called it day.

In an exclusive interview with Gulf News, Penn, a special guest of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, covered a variety of topics.

Gulf News: When do we see you back in action? Or have you called it a day?

BJ Penn: I might fight again, I am not actively seeking to fight again but I think I may. I fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for 13 years; the UFC does not want to see me get hurt I think… so maybe I fight again or maybe not.

GN: You mentioned getting hurt. How does your family react when they sometimes have to see bloodied faces?

BJP: I would be the first to say that I was never the same fighter after I had kids, after I had my two daughters, I would say that. It’s true. But regarding the injuries and blood…it took my mother a long time to be able to bear and watch it.

But If I get injured I don’t like to go home, because I don’t want to my kids to see me hurt because they are going to get scared. In fact, it is all these things that makes me wonder if I have to step away

GN: This is the fifth edition of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship here. How much of an impact has it had on the world of martial arts?

BJP: Maybe if this professional event was here 13 years ago, I wouldn’t have fought Mixed Martial Arts but I would have done this to pay the bills.

This is very big, this is going to have a lot of ramifications in the future. It is going to steal a lot of MMA talent because they are going to say, ‘I don’t have to go get punched in my face. I can do what I love and still pay my bills.’

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