BJ Penn to Cesar Gracie: Next time I see you you better have been training

Friday, January 06, 2012

First BJ Penn fought, lasted, and lost in a brutal fight with Nick Diaz.

Then BJ announced his retirement, or at least a break, and respectful words were passed back and forth.

Then something changed, and BJ called out the ‘fence-holding, Jon Fitch like, coward, poser, homie.’ Nick Diaz.

Then the Diaz camp responded by calling BJ’s camp yes men who have left BJ with nothing but excuses unable to reach his potential

Now BJ has responded, via twitter:

@CesarGracieBJJ Excuses?? The whole world knows I lost the fight including myself. I’m tired of you talking down to me Cesar, I hope you’re in training camp right now because the next time I see you, you better not be “scared homie!”

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Penn expanded on his remarks via Facebook.

My recent comments have nothing to do with my loss. I know I lost.
This has everything to do with the HUGE amount of disrespect he had shown pre fight during the fight and post fight.. Not only disrespecting me but the sport as well. To me flipping people off and consistently cussing post fight is disgraceful.. It’s strange how some actually honor him for that kind of behavior. But oh well. Maybe I’m just old fashioned like that.

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