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Thursday, May 27, 2010

As I said in my initial blog, I am a guy who always seems to find his way to bad luck – or I guess I am my own worst enemy.

On last night’s episode, you saw the event that has haunted me since it happened. It is not like an eye poke, accidental headbutt or anything like that. I fouled with an illegal move; I soccer kicked Tavares and ended what looked to be a great war. I felt so bad after it happened and still to this day I feel remorseful.

Tavares is a great guy and a very tough competitor. He did not come on the show to win like that, and I surely did not want to lose like that either. As he attacked me, I just resorted back to a place that I thought I had buried with fighting. As soon as the kick connected, I snapped out of the moment and realized I might have really hurt him, not to mention cost myself an opportunity to reach the finals.

I am really not even sure how to blog about this. I knew that this would air and I would have to discuss what happened. I basically really can’t think of anything other than to say I am truly sorry to Tavares, his coaches and training partners that helped him make the show, and to his team and coaches on the show.

To Tavares, I took a great moment from us with one stupid action. I embarrassed myself, my coaches and my team, and I really am sorry for taking that fight away from you in that manner. We both knew losing was part of stepping into the cage, but you and I both would have rather lost like warriors than win on a disqualification.

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Jeffrey Boyer