Bad judging mars Warren vs Galvao at Bellator 41

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The self-proclaimed ‘baddest man on the planet’, Bellator Featherweight World Champion Joe Warren, stepped into the cage for a non-title fight last night against BJJ blackbelt Marcos “Louro” Galvao. While Warren was the aggressor throughout, Galvao often rendered that aggression ineffective, and applied attacks of his own. In the third round, Warren’s continuous takedown attempts paid off, as he was able to cover the now exhausted Galvao, and land effective strikes.

When the fight ended, Louro’s corner hoisted him aloft in an exuberant celebration, but the judges saw it differently, unanimously awarding the decision to the American Olympic hopeful. Judges Henry Gueary and Brooks Mason called it 29-28 in Warren’s favor. Judge Chuck Wolf gave all three rounds to Warren,  30-27.

Reactions varied from the puzzled to the furious.

MMAWeekly called the decision “somewhat controversial.”

MMAFighting’s Mike Chiapetta scored the fight for Galvao 29-28, and noted the Warren’s win “will certainly be viewed as a controversial decision.”

MMAJunkiie’s John Morgan called Wolf’s 30-27 “puzzling” and called Galvao’s fight “an impressive performance that appeared to go unjustly unrewarded.”

Sherdog’s Chris Nelson noted that the decision left fans and pundits shouting “robbery” and added that Gueary and Mason scores were “slightly more understandable” than Wolf’s 30-27.

MMAMania’s Brian Hemminger declared flatly “the judges completely dropped the ball … Galvao not winning the fight on even one judge’s scorecard is a travesty.”

BloodyElbow’s Leland Rolling said plainly “The commissioned judges gave the fight to the wrong fighter, robbing Galvao of an impressive performance and putting the decision up for consideration as robbery of the year.

HeadKickLegend’s Sam Cupitt put it the most colorfully saying “Marcos Galvao got flat out stooged.” He went on to say “… There is just no way in hell, the moon, Iowa or any other place that “10-9 Warren” could be seen anywhere near round two of that fight. So bad was that decision, that I’ve heard the word “fix” come out of some very rational people’s mouths.”

For his part Warren said “What can I say? There’s a war every time I hit that cage. I’m a warrior. I pull wins out, and I guarantee I’ll keep getting better.”