Bader: Brilz showed holes in Nogueira’s game

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

David Herbert: His boxing is very crisp. Do you feel confident standing with Nog? Are you confident you can KO him standing if need be?

Ryan Bader: Yes I do feel confident standing with Nog. He has great boxing, and great counter punches. The thing is, this is MMA and with 4 oz gloves on anything can happen. I feel that I hit very hard and have a good chin, so who knows a KO could happen.

DH: Do you think your wrestling will prevail over his BJJ?

RB: He is very good on the ground and I am very good at my wrestling game. I have fought many black belts in my career and train with even more. I have to be smart when I’m on the canvas with Rogerio. He is very slick but I believe my wrestling can neutralize his Jiu Jitsu.

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