Badr Hari death rumor is false

Monday, October 11, 2010

A rumor that beleaguered Dutch-born Morroccan K-1 star Badr Hari had died today in an accident that took place in his African homeland has been laid to rest by reps from It’s Showtime — the promotion he is currently contracted to.

The story began on a thread on a Dutch forum (which has now been taken down) where a disturbing headshot photo reportedly of Badr dead and covered with blood was also posted and the story quickly grew legs and spread amongst the MMA community. The Hari story was given credence by the fact that nobody could locate the kickboxer.

The rumor was eventually refuted by a tweet posted on It’s Showtime’s Twitter page:

 We see a lot of rumours about #Badr #Hari being dead, but we can confirm that Badr Hari is still alive and he is doing fine!    

 @SchiavelloVOICE Michael, don’t worry! Badr Hari is still alive and doing well! Not the fish, that is…    

 @arielhelwani Yes, we (IT’S SHOWTIME) confirm Badr Hari is still alive and doing well!    

 Thanks everybody for the concerns about #Badr #Hari, but he is okay!