Barao teammate blames loss on UFC fight schedule

Monday, May 26, 2014

Renan Barao was gracious in defeat Saturday night, his first loss since his first fight nearly ten years ago.

“It was a really tough fight,” said Barao in cage. “I congratulate him, it was his fight tonight. But I’m coming back.”

The same unfortunately cannot be said for Nova Uniao 2nd degree black belt and top-ranked Bellator featherweight Marlon Sandro. “The Gladiator” blamed the loss on the UFC.

Via Instagram.
I'm sure you will come back stronger brother, will do whatever it takes to take what you and your back. Tremendous romp that you just did to defend the belt and you do not have time to rest and forced you to fight this bunch of crooks and injustice, but God does not sleep we come back stronger!

Barao beat Urijah Faber in 3:42 on 2/01/2014; thus there were 112 days between the fights. By contrast, Ronda Rousey's last title defense was 57 days between fights. Jon Jones went 78 days between Rampage and Lyoto. Anderson Silva went 99 days between Sonnen and Bonnar. In fact, Barao's opponent Dillashaw fought 129 days before the title fight. In short, 112 days is shorter than average, but is nothing unprecedented.