Bareknuckle boxing coming to New Hampshire?

Saturday, June 08, 2013’s Dan Bonnell has tracked down an event apparent bringing back a rule set not popular since the early 1900s – bareknuckle boxing. The contest, described by the promoter as “secret,” is inexplicably dubbed “Queensbury Boxing.” 

The Queensbury Rules, which superseded the previous, bareknuckle Broughton Rules, are the basis for modern boxing rules. In addition to rules familar to any boxing fans like three-minute rounds and the prohibition on grappling, the Queensbury Rules made gloves mandatory, not prohibited.

A company based out of Miami is bringing their brand of Bare Knuckle fights to what seems the only state willing to try out their epic attempt at a new combat sport. Two of our own very well known MMA fighters have been able to get the nod and accepted into the event as competitors. Longtime Heavyweight contender and co-owner of the Power of One gym Randy Smith will compete, according to his website. Also competing is former top ranked amateur 135lb bantamweight Matt Doherty. Doherty is also a golden gloves boxing champion and is the biggest threat of the two to move on in the tournament…..did I say tournament?

Lets talk about the cage…. better yet here is a picture:

This is an early design and things may have changed but this is what we have for now. I’m told that the flat surface is 24 feet across and then it begins to slope up. the ring is designed to force the fighters together. Fighters are to “toe the line” when they begin the match. standing only a foot apart. The sloped portion is a rest area if you will – when a fighter gets rocked, he has the option to step into the sloped portion of the ring for up to ten seconds to recover.

Bare Knuckle boxing gloves? Let me help here’s another picture:

The use of the gloves i guess is to make it less barbaric, or maybe assist in the protection of ones own hands from breaking? I particularly love them and think they are hilarious. I’m not sure of any hand wrapping and if its allowed.

An inside tip led me to Mark Vaz to ask a few questions about the promotion. My talk with Mark Vaz didn’t lead me to many answers rather more mystery. Vaz said everything is very “Top Secret” when i pulled my card he stated they didn’t need help promoting the event because they have millions of dollars devoted to advertisement and marketing.

I have yet to find more than one article about the event so far.

I have seen that Direct TV has picked up the event and it will be available on pay-per-view.

The event will be happening in our back yard at the Hampton Beach Casino on June 26th. For some reason i think it will sell out. Maybe, because it will be the first and last event of its kind, or maybe because in the last two weeks the marketing crew at Queensbury pulls off a miracle marketing ploy.

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