Barnett: ‘I don’t really care’ who I fight next

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stephie Daniels: Speaking of money and interest, many people want to see you in the UFC. Are you any closer to putting the ink to the paper on that deal?

Josh Barnett: No idea.

Stephie Daniels: Are you being courted by other organizations? One would imagine that several of these promoters are positively salivating at the prospect of signing you to their brand.

Josh Barnett: Well, I haven’t had to wash off any saliva from my pants yet [laughs]. I wouldn’t be surprised if my manager is hotly debating with many folks.

Stephie Daniels: Are there any sticking points that you’ve laid out for your manager for contract negotiations, or do you pretty much leave it in his hands?

Josh Barnett: There is some discourse about what is acceptable and what isn’t, but I do feel like my manager and I are on the same page.

Stephie Daniels: If all things fell into place, and you do end up in the UFC, is there somebody you’d like to meet in the octagon first?

Josh Barnett: Not really [laughs]. I don’t really care.

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