Barnett: I rarely watch MMA these days

Friday, December 27, 2013

Josh Barnett, 36, spoke to MMAJunkie ahead of Saturday’s main card fight with Travis Browne, and said he doesn’t watch much MMA any more, as the fighters don’t often enough show a compelling level of skill. He said he’d rather watch a repeat of Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns over Antonio Silva vs. Mark Hunt

Before anyone takes pointed exception to the remarks, consider that Barnett is now in his 17th year of professional fighting.

“I think there’s too much athleticism and too little skill now,” said Barnett. “It’s far easier to be a mediocre skill guy with a lot of athleticism or a skilled guy in one area and so-so in the rest.”

“I say that Travis relies more on athletic ability. He’s improved from his first fight in the UFC, but I think it’s still a case of he knows where his bread is buttered.”

“I’ve seen so many fights in my life at this point, it takes something special to pique my interest. It’s not because I hate watching fights. It’s just a lot of fights don’t intrigue me.”

“Everybody seems to think all you have to do is keep it on the feet and outstrike me.”

“I think I’m a skilled fighter, but I’m also a well-rounded athlete. A lot of people look at me as a standup guy because that’s where I’ve won most of my fights. They don’t understand how much wrestling I put into it. I just never had to use it yet.”

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