Barnett: Mental aspect most important skill to have to be a great fighter

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Josh Barnett is now again a part of the UFC heavyweight division, eleven years after winning the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture. Barnett recently spoke to Fight! magazine and talked about what he felt was the most important attribute to be a successful fighter:

“I definitely believe that the mental aspect is massive. Probably the biggest chunk of what is necessary because you think mental and you think just about your gameness in the ring or your attitude towards fighting. But mental encompasses a lot more than that. The mental aspect also includes training – how do you look at your own progression and be smart enough to see your weaknesses and force yourself to do things your uncomfortable with in the gym because there’s no way – you can’t lose here.

Every time you tap, get hit, whatever, it doesn’t go on your record. So might as well get it all out here and make all your mistakes and take those mistakes the data necessary to turn it from a mistake into a success.”

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