Barnett/Lombard fued origins revealed

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Q: “Erik, Hector Lombard came out there during the telecast and kind of had some words to say about Josh and I know Hector used to train here at CSW. I just want to get your opinion, your view on him doing that.”

Erik Paulson: “OK, well… Hector and Josh sparred really hard since day one here. Hector likes to throw hard, everyone knows that. He likes to spar hard, he likes to throw hard so one day him and Josh in a five-minute round turned a five-minute round of boxing into a 32-minute round of boxing and they just kept hitting each other harder and harder and basically what I did is I just sat and followed them with a mop. I mopped up all the blood because they were both bleeding.

“That was them, uh, full of piss and vinegar and whatever and they want to do that, it’s fight practice, they’re both adults, they can do that. So, Hector likes to train hard, that’s just his m.o. and Josh grabbed him one day and brought him in the cage when I wasn’t here and I walked in and he had Hector down and he said, hey you like to go hard and Josh wouldn’t let him up because Hector, they, whatever. They just have a go, so … Hector never forgave him for that and so it’s been bothering him and he told Josh that the reason he left here was because of that.”

Q: “What was Josh’s take on that? Did you talk to Josh after that call-out happened?”

EP: “Josh called me that night and he said that Hector, while he was in the audience at the fights in Florida, that Hector Lombard just called him out. He said he was going to fight Hector and I said, why? He goes Hector called me out at the fights, he said I heard Josh Barnett’s in the audience, who would you like to fight? Next fight he said he’d like to fight Josh Barnett. Well, he’s 185, Josh is 260, so… again, that would never happen. So Josh said I’m going to fight Hector and I said, oh, wow, really? That’s a little mismatch in weight there. When you going to fight him? Where? He goes I’m going to fight him tonight. He goes, he called me out and I’m going to have some words with him.

“As far as Hector’s skill, his skill is unbelievable. His judo is spectacular. I admire, I like Hector. I don’t like people calling people out that train together, I think that’s stupid but apparently Hector still had a problem with it and he called Josh out so it is what it is. I know they had words and talked about it afterwards and basically I just said that Hector, more than anything, just need to resolve that issue with Josh and needed love.

“He basically just had these bad thoughts from that whole ordeal and he wars with everybody, it was just that Josh gave it back to him and I think that they had never really had words since then and, you know, he saw Josh in the audience and he just said, hey, I want to fight Josh. And it was right after a 38 second win, so, you know… It is what it is and that’s it and I don’t have anything else to say about it. They’re both grown adults and if they want to fight, I’m sure no matchmaker will make it happen because they’re both in two different weight divisions or brackets but, uh, there’s no money in street fighting but if they have to settle it that way, which I think should be the last resort, I think they should talk and delegate things to other people, who did what, and be diplomatic about the whole thing and they should be able to talk about it over a beer or over maybe some fisticuffs. We’ll see.”

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