Barry: I don’t suck on the ground

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pat Barry is one of the heavyweight divisions most exciting fighters and is never one to shy away from a brawl. His style has endeared him to fans, but also caused him to be on both sides of knockouts. When he has gone to the ground in fights, he has been submitted three times in the UFC, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good ground fighter, just ask him:

“I should be faster. I should be capable of moving more than he does. That should be the plan and honestly, I think I hit harder than he does if not harder,” Barry stated. “So that’ll be good to my advantage also since I am sort of a small package.”

“He’s as tall as he is wide, like he’s all around just a big guy. So, if he is capable of getting the fight to the ground, he’s going to have the somewhat upperhand. But, I don’t necessarily suck on the ground either. I’d like to keep it standing as much as possible,” Barry added.

“Regardless of what anybody on the planet says, people would rather see two guys punch and kick each other than they would like to see guys wrestle and submit each other.”

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