Wednesday, September 22, 2010

They asked me b4 who I thought would use PED’s, I am just blown Away with who gets caught. What happened to good food, water and some supplements? That’s what I did, and I never had a problem with people being stronger or in better shape.

Listen, if u had shoulder surgery, or whatever surgery, and the doc tells u that u will heal faster, do It, but then do NOT fight!

This is giving the sport a bad name, everything we (MMA) do, is already “frowned upon”, like masturbating in an Airplane, sorry, had to do that, was writing and thought about “hang over”.

But serious, its very sad, and you do NOT need it. If u can’t Train had anymore because u are getting up there in age, then don’t fight, very simple. I could never look at myself in the mirror if I would have cheated, NEVER, and don’t give me the BS excuse “but everybody is doing it”, yeah, lots of people don’t use their freaking turn signal either, that doesn’t mean that I also simply not gonna do it. I use this example because those people stress me out, just don’t care about anybody else But their selves, and that’s the same as using PED’s.

Don’t care about our sport getting a bad name, “as long as I get better”. This, of course, is for guys who are proven to have used. I DO believe that there r over the counter supplements out there that raises u’r level, but If I would have been accused of using while I was not, I would find out 100 % sure, what those supplements were, why? Because that will prove my Innocence! Strange that nobody did this right? That would be proof! OK, way too many tweets, this s*** just drives me crazy. Every pro should write down exactly what supplements they take. Then When they get caught, test those products, if nothing is in there, ban him for 3 years, that will stop it, you watch. The end….