Bec Hyatt: I’m physically fine, and heartbroken

Monday, January 07, 2013

Bitter Sweet! I’ll Be Back 🙂

From: RowdyBec
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Hey everyone 🙂 I’m sitting in San Francisco airport just waiting to board my flight back to Australia & wanted to jump on here to say thank you to everyone that showed support to me leading into last nights fight!! I have only but one excuse; I was defeated by a far superior wrestler in Carla Esparza!! She is a tremendous athlete & a genuine person. I congratulate her on her well deserved & hard fought victory but make no mistake… I would LOVE to test my skills against her again someday when I’ve earnt the chance!! She deserves a lot of praise 🙂

I had no injuries going into last nights fight, no jet lag, my preparation was great, even though the style of opponent changed last minute & I was 100% mentally good to go. I’ve seen a lot of people talking shizzle on Carla’s approach to the fight, but it’s MMA so it was what it was!! I wasn’t good enough to submit, sweep or get back up, so I deserved to lose on points. I tried to fight my fight & make it entertaining for you all but I still hope you were happy with my performance. I’m physically fine, just heart broken & I’m back into training in a couple days to work on my weaknesses. While I didn’t win, I really hope I earnt the respect of people who thought I wasn’t going to make it out of round one. My trainers & I would have never accepted this fight if we thought that, I truly believe I belong on this level & before this fight I fought whoever was put in front of me, which isn’t much in Australia!! I’m only 23 years old with less than 3 years experience & I just went 5 rounds with the #4 ranked 115lbs fighter in the WORLD on a weeks notice!! I am really sorry if I let anyone down 🙁

Thank you so much to Invicta Fighting Championships, Carla Esparza, my team Impact MMA in Brisbane, Australia, all my sponsors & YOOOOU, my supporters. I will be back on the UG in about 24 hours to reply to any questions in all of the threads I’ve seen, I just don’t have the time at the moment. I’LL BE BACK!! 🙂

PS: Did you see me throw up the UG sign when I entered the cage?? 🙂

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