Bec Hyatt gets 2-year visa, dubs next opponent ‘The Sphincter’

Friday, March 15, 2013

Got My 2 Year VISA 🙂

From: RowdyBec
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Wut up UG?? I’m about to go to sleepy land but I know most of you are only just waking up 🙂

I received my two year VISA for the United States the other day & was wondering if you could all suggest to me some good academies & nice places to visit over the next 24 months?? Best from first hand experience?? I’m Australian & admittadly don’t know much about the USA other than what I see on television LOL 🙂

By the way… don’t forget to tune in to my second fight for Invicta Fighting Championships in just three weeks time on April 5th!! I’m fighting Austria’s Jasminka ‘Sphincter’ Cive & I promise to make her impersonate a fainting goat. Follow me on Twitter for more shenanigans @RowdyBec 🙂

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