Belfort: My testosterone levels were low against Henderson

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fairly or unfairly, Vitor Belfort has become the face of the TRT controversy in mixed martial arts. Belfort is performing the best of his life, but is still adamant that is TRT regime just keeps him at a normal level:

“My (testosterone) levels were low in my last fight,” Belfort told during a media scrum in his gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I have all the exams to prove that I have a disease. It’s simple.”

Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission’s medical director Dr. Marcio Tannure explained to that one of Belfort’s pre-fight tests were below the normal limits, but that’s “legal.”

“Chael Sonnen has a license to fight in Vegas, and I’m doing everything by the book,” Belfort said. “I have all the exams to prove it.”

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