Belfort: Skills, not TRT, wins fights

Monday, May 06, 2013

TRT has been a hot button topic amongst MMA media and fans a like, and some even question whether it should be allowed in the sport. For now, at least, TRT is allowed under certain guidelines and UFC lightheavyweight Vitor Belfort is on a restricted monitored regime. 

Belfort, however does not believe that his TRT is the reason he wins fights:

In response to Rockhold’s TRT issues, Belfort said the treatment doesn’t win you fights and finds it odd that losses for fighters under TRT are never mentioned:

“Why don’t they talk about people that are on TRT and lose in the first round? TRT doesn’t win fights. Look at Chael Sonnen, he’s on TRT and he’s lost fights in the first, second round. That doesn’t win fights, you have to have skills.”

According to Belfort, he thinks UFC and athletic commissions should make it known to everyone every single fighter under TRT in efforts to bring legitimacy to the highly-debated issue. 

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