Belfort bout last fight on Henderson’s contract

Monday, November 04, 2013

In most cases, UFC athletes sign three to four fight contract and usually negotiates new contracts when they have one remaining bout. But for Dan Henderson, for one reason or another, will be fighting Vitor Belfort as the last fight of his existing contract:

UFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson is headlining UFC Fight Night 32 this weekend in a rematch against Vitor Belfort, and the stakes are even higher than normal for him. It would be important either way considering Hendo has lost his last two bouts. But according to Josh Gross of ESPN, his contract also expires after this fight:

Josh Gross @JoshGrossESPN 

Hendo said this is the last fight on his UFC contract. UFC wants to wait to see how he fares before talking terms of a new deal. Big stakes.

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It looks as though the UFC isn’t confident about the future of Dan Henderson and is gambling a bit on the outcome of his fight with Belfort. Should Henderson defeat Belfort, he would like be in an advantagous position to negotiate a better deal with the UFC and should he lose the UFC will have the power to sign him to a smaller contract.