Belfort drug test rumors: Brazilian AC explains results not even back yet

Friday, February 01, 2013

Last night on Twitter there was an extended discussion about a rumor that Vitor Belfort had run afoul of PED testing for his fight with Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7 on Jan 19.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Just land in Vegas. Rumors of a HUGE drug test failure. Not a shock. Working on details. U figure it out.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Rumor has nothing to do with UFC 156 and anything currently scheduled.

so the reem is fine?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Of course.

please tell me its not @nickdiaz209 ?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Rumor I heard has nothing to do with nick Diaz.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Latest on rumor… Vitor Belfort definitely used TRT for the Bisping fight. Whether he was granted approval by UFC, I do not know right now

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
To clarify. Vitor was in TRT. Not a rumor. Fact. Was it approved? I’m trying to find out.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
So this could just be another run of the mill TRT exemption. Media will have to ask Dana tomorrow.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Here’s thing. Even with TRT exemption you have to test within normal range even after the fight. Its closely monitored. At least in Vegas

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
TRT is for sure. Even dating back to UFC 152. Still have to test within normal with exemption. Was Ratner in charge in SP?

Chris Benoit ‏@gibbyage
Bisping dropped Vitor being on trt in an interview rant. Figured it was true.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
yes. He did make the accusation an he is correct but it was never public cuz fights outside US

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
So this could just be another run of the mill TRT exemption. Media will have to ask Dana tomorrow.

•MaddDogg• ‏@MaddDoggMiller
He was on TRT vs Jones, that’s old news.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
to best of my knowledge Vitor was never specifically mentioned as using TRT at 152. Some thought Hamill was guy

Chuck Thompson ‏@ctlacosta
new brazil commission over saw SP remember the problems with the guy who acted Nobre

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
right but does that commission issue TRT exemptions or did Ratner help since commission is so new.

michael @bisping
Hope these rumours aren’t true.

michael ‏@bisping
About a certain someone who I fought recently failing his drug test. I hope it’s not true.

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
To clarify – I didn’t say Vitor flunked a drug test. I said he’s been using TRT his past 2 fights and there’s a *rumor* he flunked test

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
a TRT exemption isn’t a license to test outside normal range (4:1 T/E). You still have to be under limit even w/ exemption.

I thought it was 6:1 with the NSAC. 4:1 with tge CSAC.???

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
You’re right. NSAC is 6:1, WADA 4:1. RT

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However, Brazil’s Tatame is reporting that the test results have not come back yet.

Ordinarily when the UFC is overseas, in the absence of a government regulatory body, those duties are handled by Marc Ratner, former Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and current Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with the UFC.

However, drug tests at UFC on FX 7 were administered by the newly formed Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission, or Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA).

In the early hours of Friday, January 1, rumors surfaced that Vitor Belfort has been caught in a doping test in the UFC Sao Paulo, held last January 19, where he knocked out Englishman Michael Bisping.

The event was the first to be regulated by the newly created Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), which has Márcio Tannure in charge of the medical department. Contacted by TATAME, the doctor dispelled the possibility that Vitor Belfort, or any other athlete, had been caught doping at the UFC in Sao Paulo.

“This is nothing to the rumor, the results have not yet come out,” explained Tannure. “The agency that works in partnership with us has not yet finalized the results. The two main event fighters always are tested, plus two more fighters on the preliminary card, and two more fighters of the main card. There are six athletes tested, but none of them ever had the test results confirmed and finalized.”

The doctor predicted that the agency will release the results of drug tests by the 19th of February.

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In a potential further complication, late last week Ratner announced that all fighters who compete in international events will be tested for PEDs, and that ‘of the Night’ bonuses will not be paid until test results are available.

As the CABMMA clearly references six tests, and Ratner said all fighters would be tested, there remains the possibility that there was a second set of tests administed at the event. the rumors are related to testing of athletes by the UFC, independent of any AC.

And then of course it could be just another horses— Internets rumor…