Ben Saunders: ‘I want to fight again ASAP’

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From: Ben Saunders
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What’s up everyone!

Anyone that knows of or runs any good promotions that can and are willing to pay for my services please contact my manager.

He is currently looking for my next fight, but I told him if posting helps his search… I’m all for it! lol

Anyone that knows me knows I come to fight, put on a show, and win in devastating and exciting fashion. Maybe all my fights haven’t gone that way… but most have, and that is always a high priority for me. I believe I would be a great addition to any card… So let’s make this happen! lol

I am trying to fight ASAP! Mid May the latest. I am healthy, and in shape!

So anyone interested in having me fight please contact my management ASAP!

The clock is ticking and my ass won’t be up for grabs very long… Just think of me as a high quality escort service… Money Talks! ;D

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