Ben Saunders calls out Paul Daley, Semtex declines

Friday, December 24, 2010


From: Ben Saunders
Member Since: 5/5/04
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I hear your trying to fight in February… Let’s make it happen homie. Lot’s of promotions would love putting this fight on. Let’s give the fans a fight to remember…

From: Ben Saunders
Member Since: 5/5/04
Posts: 853
I think SF is in January and he wants to fight in February so I’d assume a different promotion… but I don’t care either way. Just think it would be a great fight for everyone involved especially the fans. =)

From: Semtex
Member Since: 11/8/04
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my intention is to fight in march at the strikeforce show in ohio, the strikeforce heads like this idea, so my training is geared towards this and the opponents i have outlined in previous posts.

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